Strength And Survival

Adult Bone Cancer Survivors is a support group for patients who have the said disease and their families. We give them all the necessary information that they need to know about this particular kind of cancer, for their treatment and procedure, and the road to recovery. We know that this is a rare disease and one that has a long way to go to finally find a cure. But we will not stop making our voices heard, helping other people understand this disease, and hoping for the best that one day, through the advancements of medical research and technology, there will be a cure that would stop all suffering and pain of all those afflicted with this disease.

We feature stories of strength and survival to give hope to patients with Adult Bone Cancer and their families. Their stories help other people realize that they can overcome cancer and that there is life during and beyond cancer. We know that it takes a community to fight the big C and we do what we can to make the journey to recovery lighter and better. We want those who are sick with Adult Bone Cancer to know that they are not alone, that there are people who have experienced the same kind of pain if not worse than what they are experiencing, and with the available treatments, procedures, and therapy that we have now, they were able to kiss cancer goodbye and reclaim their lives.

We all know that not everyone in our community gets out of this ordeal cancer-free. There are even some whose bodies can no longer take the pain so they succumb to cancer. When this happens, we mourn with their families. But we still choose to celebrate their lives that is why we make it a point to write fitting memorials for them as a tribute to the life that they lived and the battle that they so courageously faced head-on. They serve as inspiration for us to continue our sarcoma advocacy. The fire in our hearts is forever burning to find a cure for sarcoma or Adult Bone Cancer so that no other lives have to be sacrificed and no more families have to mourn because of this disease.

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