My mother is a cancer survivor. We thank God for that miracle. Up to this day, she remains the pillar of strength of our family.

My mother would experience pain in the left portion of her head. At first, we thought it was just about her eye problems. But when our doctor advised us that he would run a series of tests to determine the real condition of our mom, we agreed. And there were indeed a lot of tests – and I was with her through all those ordeals. I saw how they got blood from her arms and tissues from her spine. I saw how much they hurt her but we knew that we had to go through this to finally know what was wrong with her body. When the results were out, the doctor called me into his office to discuss the results and what should be done. Cancer. My mom had cancer. I could not believe it. I was crying inside the doctor’s office while holding the report. We learned about her diagnosis a few months after the death of my dad so it was really a very difficult time for our family.

I immediately called my sisters to inform them of the results. We were all crying because we were afraid to lose another parent so soon after my dad’s death. We planned what to do and where to get the funds for her treatment. I had just graduated from college then and was about to start a job but my sisters asked me to be the one to accompany our mom during her treatments so I put off my work and took care of our mom. She underwent chemotherapy and cobalt treatment. We stormed the heavens with our prayers. And thank God that he answered our prayers. The treatments and therapy sessions were successful. It has now been over a decade that my mom has been declared cancer free. She is truly a survivor and we could not ask for more.

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