Strength And Survival

Strength And Survival

A life-threatening disease such as cancer is difficult to deal with. It means giving up the things that you have become accustomed to, undergoing medication and treatment procedures, going in and out of the hospital, staying in bed, dealing with hospital bills, and so much more. And this takes so much of a person’s strength – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, and many other ways unimaginable to other people. That is understandable. It also makes their families and loved ones suffer.

Amidst these challenges, one might wonder where they draw their strength from. Do they hold on to their faith in God or any other higher being they believe in? How do they psych themselves to fight even if the medical results seem depressing? Where do they get the strength when everything else seems bleak and miserable?

We asked many of our cancer patients this question and it is inspiring how they manage to stay positive in spite of their illness. Randy says he draws strength from his family. He keeps holding on because he does not want his kids to grow up without a dad. Cari says she gets encouragement from her family and friends. She just cannot give up when all of them are rooting for her to survive this ordeal. She also says that her medical team offers invaluable support as they give her tender loving care whenever she is in the hospital. Rachel says praying to God and writing in her journal help her through her battle with cancer. She believes God will heal her and will hear all her prayers. Kevin says that talking about his illness helps him cope with cancer. He gets invited to give inspirational talks in different communities and he finds fulfillment and purpose in sharing his story with others.

In life, we all face different challenges and it is up to us if we will act like victims and have a defeated attitude or we will choose to be survivors and display a winning attitude.

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