Welcome to Adult Bone Cancer Survivors

Welcome to Adult Bone Cancer Survivors

“When all seems lost and all seems bleak, do not lose hope and do not be weak

Look around and you will see, there’s so much more in life to make you happy.”

Welcome to Adult Bone Cancer Survivors – a page that celebrates the lives of people who have chosen to face this battle with so much hope, determination, and strength in their hearts.

This is an online resource for everything you need to know about Adult Bone Cancer – from symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, and other interventions. The first step to defeating cancer is awareness about this life-threatening disease. In as much as we want to spare and protect our loved ones from this disease, there are various factors that determine our risks for acquiring this disease. It may be hereditary for some, acquired through lifestyle, and there are some things that cannot be explained even by science. But knowing more about this form of cancer equips us with the knowledge that we need on how to prevent or treat this disease.

After awareness, we recognize the value of proper diagnosis and treatment. There are different options available and we respect each and every approach that the patient wishes to take in fighting this form of cancer. Our organization keeps tracks of all establishments that cater to the needs of Adult Bone Cancer patients so that we know where to refer them should they ask us for assistance. The important thing here is that they are taking the steps toward rehabilitation and recovery.

We emphasize the word survival. Because we know that we can beat the big C. It is one of the challenges that some people go through and surpass. We want to do away with the victim mentality because it has such a negativity to it, a feeling of helplessness as if there is nothing more that can be done to transcend this ordeal in their lives. But there is something that can be done. There are different interventions out there that can help them stay on the road to recovery and wellness. They can get their lives back, maybe not in the previous state that they were accustomed to, but there is definitely a positive and bright future ahead.

Do you not believe us? Well, we feature true stories of strength and survival of our cancer patients as testaments to our advocacy that together, we can defeat Adult Bone Cancer and there is life after going through this ordeal. We have partnered with different government agencies, humanitarian organizations, health professionals, and religious groups to help us in our advocacy. We know that it takes a community to beat the big C and a loving community is an even bigger C that can truly defeat cancer. With the right support group, then our patients are sure to receive the love and care that they need as they go through this challenging period.

We hope you will support us just as A1 Garage did,  by helping us spread awareness about Adult Bone Cancer and how we can defeat it. Let us all spread positivity and healing to all.

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