The first problem was vaccine supply. Now, it’s demand.

To reach herd vaccine immunity, more people in the US need to get their shots.

Over 40 percent of the US population now has at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. But over the past week, the average number of vaccinations reported per day started to fall. Last week, the US was averaging around 3.3 million shots per day. This week, that number dropped to around 3 million shots per day.

The first problem was vaccine supply. Now, it’s demand

Every one of those shots takes us another step closer to the end of the pandemic in the US. The slowing pace, though, is a warning sign that we’re reaching an inflection point where the supply of COVID-19 vaccines will outpace the demand. It’s already happening in some places: states have vials of vaccine, but people aren’t signing up for open appointments.

We’re reaching that point because almost all of the people most UFABET to get vaccinated have already gotten their shots, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation report released this week.

“Once this happens, efforts to encourage vaccination will become much harder, presenting a challenge to reaching the levels of herd immunity that are expected to be needed,” the report read.

Reaching some of those people will be harder than others. There’s a group of hard-line anti vaxxers who probably won’t ever get the shot, or at least won’t for a long time. People who identify as Republicans are most likely to fall into that category. No matter what outreach strategies doctors and officials use, this group of people will still probably turn the shot down.

That group doesn’t want to be first in line; they want to wait and see before they roll up their sleeves. With some effort and creativity, it’s possible to get them on board.

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