Japan: Guide to Kyushu Island Chapter2

When coming to seaside town like this, you have to find a delecious seafood restaurant on Kyushu Island.

3 must-see highlight in Fukuoka, Itoshima: a cute seaside town Ready to taste delicious fresh oysters. If you want to see the beautiful sea eat delicious fresh seafood. We would like to introduce the sea of Itoshima, which is an up-and-coming seaside town among Japanese tourists. Because here there are chic cafes, Many popular photo spots And the seafood here is fresh and delicious, especially the oysters here are big.

A must-see highlight when visiting Itoshima is the Sakurai Futamigaura photo spot with Futamigaura Lovers Rock. This place is ranks as one of the top 100 beautiful evening views in Japan. Besiders the lover rock, there are also many cute photo spot.

When comming to seaside town like this, you have to find a delicious seafood restaurant, which Itoshima is famous for oysters that are big, sweet, and delicious. If yoou come in winter around November to March, you will find Oyster gazebo or Kakigoya tthat will make a semicircular tent with a white vinyl roof, if it looks like a greenhouse. Once inside, I found a clam roasting seat with grilling equipment, both charcoal and gas grills.

The starting price of oyster is about 1,000 yen per kilogram. The restaurant that we are going to eat today is Mirukugaki Toyoshisa-maru. Before entering the store, the temperature is measured, if is does not exceed 37.5 degrees.

Getting to Itoshima:  From downtown Hakata, take the JR Chikuhi line from Meinohama Station to Itoshimakokomae

Dazaify City in the past was the administrative center of Kyushu Island for more than 500 years, Now Dazaifu is a small town. To enter the shrine you have to walk through 3 red bredges.

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