Good view accommodation 2021, nature view at thailand

Relaxing days to relax with beautiful view accommodation 2021 across Thailand, selected for both 5-star and affordable prices. Variety of styles Can rest for the whole family There are complete mountain and sea views.

Sometimes staying home for a long time will be bore and cause stress. We would like to invite you to relax with beautiful view accommodation in Thailand. Let the brain and body relax in the beauty of nature, which we have brought together 9 beautiful view accommodation, there will be some interesting places to keep in the list of accommodation for the next trip.

Good view accommodation 2021, nature view at thailand

1. Uree House, Chiang Mai Province

          Good atmosphere accommodation Plus a unique style With the design and decoration in the only ancient Korean style of Thailand Mix of a Hanok (Hanok) and a modern, warm atmosphere. There is a Hanbok to wear. Along with a tea corner, beautiful views of the millions, en suite bathroom located on the hill You can see the beautiful forest and green mountains of Mae Taeng. Cool fresh air and comfortable lungs all year round. There are also Viking tents to relax in. With a sitting corner to relax And delicious local food

2. Mon Sailom, UFABET Chiang Mai Province

          Mon Chaem View Ngam Accommodation That no matter who has gone on vacation, they must say wow The resort is located on a high hill. You can see the view of the surrounding mountains. 

Along with a 360-degree view of the sea of ​​mist Whether it is a modern loft style house White. Along with the restaurant Or you can eat sauerkraut in front of your own accommodation.

3. Rain Glamping, Chiang Rai Province

          A chic accommodation on Doi Mae Mon Chiang Rai The accommodation is a glamping-style car, elegant and decorated in a modern style. 

In the evening there is also an outdoor dining table. With a delicious water shabu, want to bathe in a tub with a view of the mountains, thin mist and millions of stars. In the midst of cool weather Definitely everyone.

4. Wang Put Tan Tea Farm Glamping, Chiang Rai Province

          Accommodation at Doi Mae Salong, good atmosphere and beautiful view. And also has outstanding identity It is a glamping style accommodation set amidst a vast tea plantation. See the beautiful mountains and relaxing nature. Inside the tent, the accommodation has a bed. Complete sleeping equipment There is also a seating area to enjoy the view and sip warm tea, and there is a table and hammock provided in front of the tent. Let’s enjoy the view. In addition, the corner to sit and eat breakfast, the view is also beautiful. Delicious local food Worth visiting

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