PHO Kitchen pasta noodles to Ladprao Village

Honestly, I intend to eat PHO KItchen’s fresh pasta noodles just because we saw the suggestion to make a reservation and frustrated that if we didn’t go on Saturday, we wouldn’t be able to eat it again. As we all know, nowadays, new restaurants and cafes tend to boil. It is full of overflowing people and has to compete to eat like playing musical chairs. After booking through friends We have been waiting until the appointment date. But it seems that we are wrong. Not as many people as you think, maybe because the store is still new, so there aren’t many people to know.

Of course we went on time for an appointment and we got a small open kitchen table at mosh and gig. The shopkeeper couple is waiting to receive people like us. This table is probably the best table to see every step of the way in making pasta. I must say that Pho Kitchen is a small shop with about 4 tables in which the counter bar inside is a kitchen with 2 gas stoves, a counter top oven, a dough rolling machine Tupperware contains pre-made dough. Various ingredients That lined up like a real kitchen in the house.

We secretly asked, curious why we made a homemade pasta shop. We got the answer from Kik that When she was studying in Chiang Mai She had the opportunity to work part-time at a homemade restaurant called Barefoot Cafe, which at that time was still within the Penguin Villa project or known as Penguin Village. Which is a shop that has a distinctive feature on freshly made pasta noodles Of course, with her part-time job for a long time, she got her cooking class. But the story of Pho Kitchen hasn’t started right away.

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