Airasia XJ 620 to Sapporo detailed review with access to the city from New Chitose Airport

Hello again … Today I will go to Japan again … lol. As AirAsia has returned to fly on the Bangkok-Sapporo route again, I don’t miss out on booking promotions for a round-trip price of approximately 7,500 baht, which is a very cheap price. Plus, it’s a direct flight, so it’s worth it.

Even though I had just traveled to Sapporo in the past winter. Still can’t wait to book Consider that you come to visit in the summer to see the beautiful flowers of Hokkaido

Anyone who has not seen a winter review,  Tokyo Hakodate Sapporo

Informed for a long time Now let’s start our journey together. I leave on the night of May 30. Flight  XJ 620 leaves Don Mueang at 11:55 PM and arrive at Sapporo at 8:40 AM.

Japan: Guide to Kyushu Island Chapter2

For international routes, you have to check in at Don Mueang Airport, Terminal 1, I arrive around 3.00 PM.

There are quite a lot of people. Because there are several flights that run at the same time.

For the flight  XJ 620 today, check in at counter number 4, there will be a staff to guide you in front So as to not enter the wrong counter Because there was a flight to Narita nearby as well.

Documents used for check-in, use only passport. Because the airline has our information already in the system.

I have a co-credit card of AirAsia with Bangkok Bank. Therefore entered a special channel, the queue is not long Wait for a moment, then check-in.

On the way, the weight of the bag is light, only 11 kilograms. Traveling in Japan in summer would be nice like this.

After we checked in Put on the bag and get the boarding pass. You have to lift the bag that you want to load to scan here as well. It is not like before the check-in is done.

Bring the bag that we will load under the machine to scan here if there are no prohibited items. It is finished. The bag will then go along the normal belt.

The next step is to go into the section. International departures.

There will be a staff reviewing our documents Is a passport and a boarding pass Whether the names match or not After that, you will pass inside and you will meet the Immigration checkpoint. For Thai people, you don’t have to write the immigration certificate and you will get an auto gate instead.

When you pass in, you will find a duty-free shop. There are enough restaurants. But not as many as the domestic side

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