Chapter2: Tha Pom “Klong Song Nam”, Krabi

Tha Pom “Khlong Song Nam” is located at Ban Nong Chik, Village No. 2, Khao Khram Sub-district, 34 kilometers from Krabi town along the highway no. 4 (Krabi – Ao Luek) approximately 126 kilometers, turn left for 5 kilometers. Tha Pom Peat Pa is a forest with many beautiful water sources. 

Originated from Chong Phra Kaew basin Which is fresh and clear water until you can see the water surface and the roots of the forest It flows slowly and meets the mangrove forest to the salt water sea. Therefore called Khlong Song Nam Inside there is a pathway to study nature. Made of lath Sometimes there are wooden chairs for nature lovers to sit and enjoy the scenery on either side of the road, the fee for Thai adults is 20 baht.

Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam

“Tha Pom” is the name of a short 5 km long canal in Khao Khram Subdistrict, Mueang District, Krabi Province. On Khao Chong Phra Kaew The destination of this canal will lead to the Andaman Sea. When the waters of the sea go down Fresh water from the canal will flow into the sea. A fresh water canal The water in the canal is as clear as a glass. Has a bluish green color

When the sea rises Sea water will flow into the canal. This causes the canal to be salt water and brackish water. The water will become cloudy. Marine fish will come to the canal for food. And swim back out once more as the sea goes down

As the sea water rises and falls, Tha Pom is both a freshwater canal and a saltwater canal, thus the origin of the word “Tha Pom Klong Song Nam”.

At the headwaters of Phut, there is an ecological system like a swamp-evergreen forest and an area connected to the sea is Tha Pom Klong Song Nam Mangrove Forest, it is one of the natural wonders that the peat, rainforest and mangrove forest are harmoniously adjacent. There is a lot of natural diversity. Considered as a source of ecological studies as well.

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