The Bachelor NZ power rankings Who did Moses choose?

We’ve come to the end of our Bachelor NZ journey, so which woman did Moses Mackay give his final rose? Tara Ward delivers her final power rankings.

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The Bachelor NZ power rankings Who did Moses choose

Mates, we made it. The golden paddleboard of love has finally taken us to shore ufabet, and we rode that wave right to the bitter end.

Tonight, after dating 22 women over four hectic weeks of water sports and retirement home visits,

It’s been a heck of a season, and this final week was an emotional one. Moses kept his feelings low key, but there were plenty of worries from the final three women as they went on home dates and group dates and enjoyed heaps of pashes. Moses sang about his Bachelor journey at a retirement home, and asked his girlfriends deep questions like “do you like cleaning?” and “when you were a kid, did you climb up the wall in your hallway?” They admitted they did, and it was like he was staring straight into their souls. 

It wasn’t clear until the final moments who would win Moses’s heart. He spent the week cuddling stray dogs and threatening not to choose anyone, before forming what appeared to be a meaningful connection with Shenae. In what felt like the only spontaneously authentic moment this season, he improvised a song during their final date and they seemed genuinely relaxed and balanced in each other’s company. He even showed her how to cut a fish open from its bumhole. They could have had fish pie at their wedding. 

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