7 Khamto oysters, sweet and juicy meat, ordered to eat in a clump

Oysters delivery shop One of our favorite dishes, big, juicy, sweet, ready to serve fresh on the spot. Who likes seafood already? have to smile.

7 Khamto oysters, sweet and juicy meat, ordered to eat in a clump

Oysters are considered one of the ufabet favorite seafood dishes of many people. Because oysters have good taste. There are also many species to choose from. It also comes with various benefits such as regulating blood pressure, preventing cell degeneration, regulating the conversion of oxygen in cells. And help prevent prostate enlargement and inflammation as well. So today we want to recommend oysters delivery restaurants where you eat delicious things. Let’s check the list.

1. Aimhoy Rangsit

          Seafood line must not miss. With fresh oysters sheep, big size, plump, straight from the South Sea Farm in Surat Thani Province. Guaranteed freshness and deliciousness in every piece. Can order 6 pieces, 10 pieces, 15 pieces and 20 pieces, come with a complete set of side dishes Crispy onion sweet fresh acacia shoots mellow aromatic chili paste And seafood sauce, great recipe, 100% real lemon. Try it once and you will be hooked. Let’s continue to order this one, no matter what.

2. Oysters

          Premium Surat Thani Oysters Delivered directly from the farm day by day It also guarantees the freshness of every piece you eat. And also have to be dazzled with the size of oysters. It was as though he had almost never finished with a single word. Importantly, there is no fishy smell. With acacia leaves, fried shallots, garlic and 2 types of dipping sauces to help season the mellow taste even more delicious. Anyone who is thinking of eating fresh seafood, it seems that they need to prepare some meals.


          Enjoy big oysters delivered directly from the sea in Surat. There are many branches (more than 25 branches nationwide) both in Bangkok. and other provinces Selected but focus on quality. Ready to deliver directly to your home. Available in sizes S, M, L and XL. Trailer comes with spicy sauce. Enjoy eating together I accidentally ate it all.

4. Oysters are delicious.

          Anyone who likes big, fresh oysters should definitely not miss this shop. because he picked the size of jabbo But even then, they are available in a variety of sizes. With crunchy side dishes, it will be even more exciting when topped with seafood sauce. The kind that tempts the saliva to flow to one side at all. There are also other dishes that are equally appetizing, such as pickled beef shrimp, pickled egg crab, and plum chi shrimp.

5. Boxx – Seafood Delivery

          Be dazzled with a variety of seafood dishes. that is ready to deliver deliciousness to the place easily, made fresh for every order Anyone who is a true oyster fan is the original capital. Here it is arranged according to your wishes. with big oysters With full side dishes, well packaged, maintain freshness to the eater or if you are afraid of not being full There are many other seafood dishes to look forward to such as steamed egg blue crab, steamed sweet clams with herbs, shrimp in fish sauce, grilled shrimp with garlic and cheese butter and many more.

6. A-HOY A-hoi, fresh oysters

          Filled with oysters that are both fresh and fresh. Delivered directly from the farm to the location There are both oysters in Surat. and Phetchaburi oysters, large, satisfying to eat, plus the trailer comes with fullness and sweetness. This event should be easy to impress people who eat it. Along with spicy seafood sauce, chili paste, fried shallots and acacia, bring together a delicious, unforgettable pairing.

7. Fresh Oysters Surat By HoyYai-Hoi Yai

           Indulge in succulent, firm, juicy oysters, delivered directly from Surat Thani. guarantee of freshness with the most delicious dipping sauce The kind that, if fresher than this, is already in the sea This is not all. For those who like seafood, there are also many menus to choose from, such as salmon with fermented fish sauce, salmon with Thai salad and salmon sashimi, which are both delicious and fresh. How do you like that order? Or if you like them all, you can order them all, no matter what.

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