Kobe Iron Man, Iron Robot No. 28, representing

Kobe Iron man it is one of the nicknames for one of Japan ‘s iconic characters, Tetsujin, Iron Robot No. 28 (Tetsujin 28-go). Which is consider an important landmark in Kobe. Hyogo Prefecture Japan

This robot first born In a manga published in 1956 from the pen of Mitsuteru Yokoyama, another legendary Japanese manga artist. That made Kobe famous Many of their hometowns

And since its appearance in the public eye, Tetsujin, the iron robot number 28, has been very popular. Both have been develop into movies, games, toys, etc.,. They send to this robot It has become one of the prides of the people of Kobe.

.Until the Kobe Tetsujin Project was born, which was a joint fundraising from various entrepreneurs in Kobe city to create Tetsujin. The iron robot number 28, nicknamed Kobe Iron Man, in his own action figure.

with a height of 15 meters, weight 50 tons, using steel material. The total construction cost is 135 million yen (approximately 40.04 million baht). That towers in the middle of the plaza of Wakamatsu Park in Kobe City to this day.

And besides being a landmark that shows the virtues Mitsuteru Yokoyama has made for his hometown, Kobe Iron Man is also a memorial. The Great Hanshin Earthquake in Kobe in 1995

by Kobe Iron Man implied strength. and the power of the people of Kobe which can work together to fight the disaster as well as the various problems that have come through the city of Kobe well enough

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