Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum Yokohama City

Ramen Museum (Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum) Yokohama City Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan, a museum about the food , especially the first of Japan. Establish since 1994 to present the story of ramen (Remen) in full, delicious. Both content and taste through an area divided into 3 floors, two main zones, starting from the first floor. An area showing interesting history. Various interests of ramen.

Such as a ramen collection Whether it’s ramen noodles, ramen cups, ramen spoons. It’s fun to show the evolution, culture and culture of eating ramen in each area. Before going to melt the property together at a ramen souvenir shop. There is also a ramen cooking workshop section. With the design of the cup to cook according to our preferences separately

While the highlight of the museum is the Ramen area in the museum’s two basement floors (B1/B2). that architecture everything inside Shops, lights, walkways, tables, chairs, etc., were all designed to reflect the atmosphere of Shitamachi City in the year 1958, which was the birthplace of ramen. Plus it increases the happiness of lovers in eating ramen. By bringing famous ramen shops from all over Japan to be sold in this ramen area Rotating new stores all year round!

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