Top 5 best airlines in the world 2021 by SKYTRAX

After last year, the rankings were cancel. This year, SKYTRAX, the UK’s leading aviation service research institute. has officially ranked the World’s Best Airlines or  the best airlines in the world in 2021. by searching for airlines that are outstanding in terms of quality, service, safety standards And satisfaction in every aspect and today P’ Mushroom Mushroom Travel will take everyone to know the 10 best airlines in the world in 2021, which airline is the best? Will it be the airline that friends have used to use? Let’s see.

No. 1 Qatar Airways

And then it comes to number 1 in the world’s best airline 2021, heading down to Qatar Airways. The old champion in 2019 who is one of the world’s most famous airlines. It is an airline from Qatar, providing full service with a 5-star standard, with more than 146 routes around the world. including direct flights from Thailand to Doha that passengers can connect to other countries around the world, such as Australia, England, South Africa or America, etc. You may be able to answer the question, which airline is the best?

2nd Singapore Airlines

Still holding the 2nd place firmly from the year 2019 like Singapore Airlines ever won The best airline in the world in 2018 before losing the championship to Qatar Airways in 2019 by Singapore Airlines It is the national airline from Singapore. Outstanding and high standard in every aspect from safety, service, cabin, food and beverage quality. Thai tourists like us know each other very well. especially with popular flight routes like Singapore and Japan sure enough.

3rd ANA All Nippon Airways

Coming in at 3rd place is All Nippon Airways. Also known as ANA for short, is the largest full service airline in Japan. Outstanding for excellent service Thai tourists are very popular to use the service. especially popular destinations such as Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Hokkaido. ANA is also the first airline in Asia. That has been rated at the highest level of 5 stars for safety in the situation of COVID- 19. Inaddition to 5 star airlines for service on the plane and the airport as well.

4th Emirates 

Moved up one rank from 2019, rising to the 4th position with the airline that many Thai tourists It is regarded as a favorite airline like Emirates, an airline from the United Arab Emirates. outstanding service and comfort throughout the journey Whether it is a spacious cabin Full entertainment, delicious food and a wide variety of beverages. If you want to use the nearby route, we recommend a popular route like Bangkok – Hong Kong. 

5th Japan Airlines 

Soared into 5th place with Japan Airlines That this year is really strong, leading up to the Top 5 from the previous year, still ranked 11th as another representative airline from Japan. that is complete with quality Both services and flights, whether in Asia, America or Europe, with internationally recognized standards. It eventually overtook Cathay Pacific and EVA Air.

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