The most environmentally friendly city

Resonance Consultancy, a leading real estate consulting company Reveals a list of 10 cities from around the world named as the most environmentally friendly cities. and is about to become the leader of the green city in the future
using density criteria urban planning design, clean energy, public transport systems and environmental management In the future, these cities are likely to respond to situations where everyone needs more environmentally friendly city social distance.

1. Vienna

Vienna is one of the greenest big cities. And there are new ideas about transportation and a focus on park areas. In addition, Vienna is a European benchmark for public transport. With a population of nearly half of the tickets yearly and regularly

2. Munich

Munich is one of the most walkable cities in the world and has an enviable transportation system. Recent investments in travel infrastructure. Such as the U-Bahn transit system. It will reduce the use of private cars. As a result in the city center. There is good air without pollution.

3. Berlin

Berlin has a lot of urban park areas and is great for walking. Berliners are also remarkably conservative. With the lowest water usage record of the entire European population. In addition they also use public transport.


Madrid has a lot of green space in the city center and can accommodate a large number of pedestrians. The big budget recently is making the Gran Via Street in the city center streets are safe and suitable for a stroll along the

5. Sao Paulo

São Paulo is an energy-intensive metropoli. But at the same time is the world’s largest consumer of renewable energy. There are also green spaces. Such as the Ibirapuera Gardens and a lively cultural center with vibrant green roofs.

6. Manchester

This compact city is a pedestrian paradise. With both attractive landscapes Mixing history and art together. The public transport system that covers the entire city.

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