One Day Trip to Ayutthaya, the old city near the city.

Since opening a new era, we have to add merit points. This holiday, I would like to wield your girlfriend and sister for a short trip. Traveling near Bangkok Pin the province of Ayutthaya, our old city before. To worship the holy things Eat boat noodles Check in new cafes Full of merit and full satisfaction. If you are ready, you can go out! 

This trip, we start traveling late. After having breakfast, it’s time to head straight to the first destination. When it comes to Ayutthaya, the first thing we want to invite everyone to experience is the beauty of Wat Mahathat, a very important royal temple in the Ayutthaya period.

Because it is a temple that enshrines the relics in the heart of Phra Nakhon that many people may have visited But may not yet know that this temple has many interesting things, including a large pagoda Octagonal pagoda Vihara at the base of Chukchi, a small temple, a medium-sized prang Beautiful, you can walk and enjoy.

There is also an interesting thing like a hundred-year-old Buddha head in the root. This is a sandstone Buddha image which is presumed to be caused by the Buddha image in the past that had been damaged until the head fell on the ground.

As the root of the Bodhi tree grows, it is cover until it is what it looks like today. This makes this temple a famous temple and tourists come to worship the sacred and take a memorial photo at this corner.

Pay homage to all 3 sacred temples and we move on to refresh ourselves at Antika Cafe (Unthika Cafe), a chill cafe by the water. Good atmosphere, full ten, no broken Plus there is also a shady atmosphere.

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