A new step in the transformation of ‘Mint’ I Roam Alone on the day.

I Roam Alone never known before I couldn’t imagine a tall and slender woman His face was as sweet as his voice and had a gentle smile all the time in front of it. 

Will travel through hundreds of countries And all continents of the world have come alone Since taking the Indian third class train Until hiking on the North Pole route.

But all of these things indicate the identity of the adventurer of ‘Mint’ – Province Kasantikul very well.

I must admit The woman who owns the I Roam Alone page with over four million and five hundred thousand followers on Facebook. And on YouTube channel over two million people Including two more travel journal books It is a person who is not easy to queue to talk to. Due to her work that has always required travel And the absence of frequent interviews through the media.

I Roam Alone of min

A hot sunny afternoon The temperature outside is thirty degrees. I met her at FIX Coffee, a loft style cafe in Silom. The shop itself is small, airy, with high ceilings, and has large windows. Causing the light to shine thoroughly There was even a second floor where we had a long table in the corner as a seat for talking. From this angle, you can look down on the ground floor. On this floor, there were sporadic customers quietly concentrating on the things in front of them. This makes our corner a little noisier than the others. The girl then tried to maintain her voice not to be too loud. Except for the laughing moment that she seemed to let go of her feelings fully.

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