Take a trip to Wat Phra That KhaoNoi Nan’s landmark is beautiful, worthy of worship.

Hello..who came Nan Tourism And did not come to Wat Phra That KhaoNoi Is like missing something It seems like you did not arrive to Nan Province When we look for travel information of this province, we will find a big Buddha statue on the mountain. Which is Wat Phra That Khao Noi. We only go to see how beautiful it is.

Wat Phra That KhaoNoi Travel

Getting up on Wat Phra That Khao Noi Must rely on a private car Or renting a motorbike to drive up only Because there are no buses running past the top of Doi Khao Noi

From Nan city, use the same route as Wat Phaya Wat But after about 2 m. Up the hill, you will reach the top of the little mountain, which is the location of the temple.

When driving up, you will see a walkway up to Phra That Khao Noi. Anyone who likes to walk can park the car here and walk up to 300 steps up the stairs.

Wat Phra That Khao Noi History

Wat Phra That Khao Noi is located On the top of Doi Khao Noi, Village No. 11, Du Tai Subdistrict, Mueang Nan District, Nan Province, the same route as Wat Phaya Wat But after about 2 kilometers, you will reach the top of Khao Noi, which is the location of Wat Phra That Khao Noi.

It is one of the most important and ancient monuments of Nan Province. It is assumed that the age is about the same age as Phra That Chae Haeng.

According to history, this relics was created by the wife of Rong Phaya Phu Kheng. Nan ruler Around the 20th century Buddhist ruler of Nan Many other bodies later restored and restored the body. Relics throughout Until there was a major restoration in the reign of King Suriyaphong Phritdej in the year 1906-1911 by a Burmese artist named Maung Ying

The Buddha Maha Uthamongkol, Nanthaburi, Sri Muang, Nan was built in 1999. Every year there will be an eight Peng festival to worship Phra That Khao Noi during the Vesak Day. 

With a group of Buddhists faith coming together to make merit Sprinkle water with Phra That Covered blanket thip offering relics In the night

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