Review for visiting Khao Kradong Forest Park Crater view Buriram Province

Hello … Today I am still in Buriram Province. Only will take you to travel at Khao Kradong Forest Park. Anyone who comes to Buriram should visit it. Not far from the city as well. You can see a bird’s eye view of Buriram province as well.

Khao Kradong

Information of Khao Kradong Buriram Forest Park

Volcano Kradong It is an extinct volcano for thousands of years and is one of the six volcanoes in Buriram. It is also a volcano with a complete crater. It has now been restored as a major tourist attraction of the province. Each year, people and tourists travel up to pay homage to Phra Suphattharabophit. And see the crater a lot, especially in winter, there will be a lot of tourists. The province must ask for cooperation among tourists to help conserve natural resources by Around the Kradong Volcano Forest Park for children to continue to admire the beauty

Getting to Khao Kradong Forest Park, Buriram

– Private car From the city, take Highway 219 toward Prakhon Chai District. Through the Buriram Territorial Volunteer Troop 2 and the large intersection To go straight to the house Nam Sap You will see the mountain on your left. Which is the location of the National Forest Park Can drive up to the top of the mountain Or you can walk from the foot of the hill up the stairs.

– Bus Take the bus number 1 (pink)

personally, I rent a car and drive myself. It is another convenient way for people to come. Buriram Tourism By plane You can drive yourself from the airport in the morning.

Upon entering, you will find signs indicating different parts. And the parking lot, there are shops and souvenir shops as well.

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