Phu Chee Dao, a 360 degree view of heaven on the mountain in Chiang Rai Along the way

Hello … Today will take you to travel to the beautiful nature in Chiang Rai Province. In cold weather like this, you have to find a place on the mountain somewhere. 

There are many tourist attractions in Chiang Rai province. If you only take a hill or a mountain, there will be Doi Mae Salong, Doi Tung, Phu Chee Fah, Phu Chee Dao, Phu Chee Duean, Doi Pha Tang, each of which will have different beauty.

If you say the name ” Phu Chee Dao ” in Chiang Rai Province, many of you may not be familiar with. Due to recently launched as a tourist attraction The new mist viewpoint is not long. 

There is a bamboo fence line to protect the danger boundary to create a prominent feature on the viewpoint of this place. Is a new tourist attraction Everything is still abundant with nature, forests, mountains, trees, landscape, mist.

Phu Chee Dao, Chiang Rai Travel

Walking up to the summit of Phu Chee Dao requires only a 4 × 4 car. Drive up to the village road for approximately 3 kilometers and you will find a junction in front of the Rangoon Operation Center. Ban Rom Pho Ngoen Roi T.P. 3104, Chor Por Pho 31, turn left and follow signs and run up to the dirt road. From here, some paths are narrow and steep. You should drive with caution. When reaching the parking spot above We have to continue walking on the top of Phu Chee Dao about 200 meters,

but if anyone comes to stay at Phu Chee Dao No matter where to stay There will be a tour bus service up to the viewpoint. The price is 100 baht per person, 1 car will be shared with 5 people. If anyone wants to hire a private car, the price is 500 baht per car. Phu Chee Dao Yodview Resort Chiang Rai can contact the car with the accommodation.

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