Take a trip to Tha Pom, Khlong Song Nam Beauty of nature Unseen “Krabi”

Hello .. Today I will continue to travel to Krabi . This time I come to travel in the rainy season which is the low season here. After getting off the plane, before coming to Tha Pom Klong Song Nam, I stop at Wat Tham Sua, which is the way that I pass before. Coming to the rainy season like this, we must have luck as well. If encountered rain, the sea may not be as beautiful as the high face. So I have to find other attractions and prepare to reserve.

Tha Pom Klong Song Nam, Krabi

Which Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam Is another place That I have been aiming for a long time that I will come to travel But there was no chance Due to the trip to Tha Pom, Klong Song Nam It is quite difficult for people who do not have a car. Because it is far from Krabi town about 20 than Lo

But a trip to Krabi in rainy season This time, I rented a car to drive myself from the airport, so it was very convenient. If traveling together for 3-4 people, I recommend that renting a car is very cost-effective. Can go anywhere

Getting to Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam I use Google Map here. It’s easy, press destination, then press start. It will guide us to our destination. The distance from Wat Tham Sua is 27 kilometers. We drive continuously. The path is not difficult. It is a normal paved road.

When near Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam There will be large signs telling along the way, definitely not getting lost.

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