“Kusatsu Onsen”, stop at karuizawa outlet before returning to Tokyo.

Let’s continue to see. For the travel review of  Kusatsu Onsen in Part 2, anyone who has not seen the first episode can. Yes, there is a way to travel from Tokyo. Including walking around Yubatake.

After last night soaking in the onsen at The Hanaingen Hotel makes a very comfortable sleep. This morning, there is an appointment for breakfast at 7.40 AM. For breakfast, we have to put in time. Due to the limited space in the dining room

The breakfast looks like this, it’s very appetizing and the chef will bring it to you personally. Then it will explain what each of them is. The only one I would like to review this hotel in full, take a look.

After having breakfast, I still have time to go for another walk around Yubatake.

It is a different story from yesterday. This morning, there were no people at all. You can walk and take pictures very conveniently.

Even a foot bath It is usually crowded during the day. There was not even one person.

After taking a walk and taking photos Went back to fetch the luggage at the hotel Then walk to the one bus station, we have to go buy a ticket first. It is not the same as the way to pay on the car at all.

From the hotel, walk here, it takes only 3-4 minutes.

The above picture is the time of the bus, the first channel is the time that the bus will leave the station. The back compartment is the time for the train to leave the station. NAGANOHARAKUSATSUGUCHI Which will be linked together Anyone who gets on the train back will have to check the time well.

After receiving the ticket, you can go get on the bus.

This is the end of the Kusatsu Onsen trip  by using the  TOKYO Wide Pass . Here is another option, the journey is not difficult. But it might be a bit far, suitable for people who are going to sleep for a night so they can chill out.

Hope that this review will be helpful for those who are looking for information on Kusatsu Onsen. Page

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