“Kusatsu Onsen” guide review is ranked as the best onsen in Japan

Hello .. Today, I will take you guys to visit  Kusatsu Onsen. Which I myself have seen pictures of here for a long time But didn’t get a chance to come once Because he thought that it was difficult to travel and took many cars But when actually coming in, it wasn’t that complicated at all. It will come out easily. As before, I will review the travel method in detail. Can say that you can walk along.

The emerald green water picture with the smoke rising. Many of you may have seen it through your eyes and wonder where it is. And thought in his mind that he must come here for once.

And the reason we are familiar with this picture is that on the cover of the  jr tokyo wide pass, there is a picture of Kusatsu Onsen (Kusatsu Onsen) . It means that this place is a must-see highlight for anyone using the tokyo wide pass, but for example, this pass is valid for only 3 days, so go anywhere in the picture, it would not be catchy. You have to choose where we are going first.

How many ways to get to Kusatsu Onsens?

There are two ways to get to Kusatsu Onsen, which is a one-way bus ride from Tokyo. Please come down here. Another popular method for people with tokyo wide pass is to take the train to connect to the bus, while other methods depend on the convenience of each person. May rent a car to drive themselves.

If choosing a way to take a long one-way bus from Tokyo There will be a company car highway-buses The same one we took to kawaguchiko, the bus leaves Tokyo (Shibuya) for adults 3,600 yen, children 1,800 yen (journey time: about 4 hours 40 minutes) more details. https://highway-buses.jp/thai/course/kusatsu.php

It is the best way to travel. Because you can use the  TOKYO Wide Pass , we can check the train rounds from the hyperdia website  by choosing the destination as the UENO station as the destination station. NAGANOHARAKUSATSUGUCHI In this way, it can be broken down into two more ways, that is

– From UENO, take a SHINKANSEN train to TAKASAKI station, then take a regular train to NAGANOHARAKUSATSUGUCHI Then take a bus to Kusatsu Onsen.

– Take a limited express train one way from UENO station to NAGANOHARAKUSATSUGUCHI station. Yes, then continue to connect the bus to Kusatsu Onsen, this way is convenient. But the disadvantage is that there will be less trains that run one after another. In this review, I travel one-way.

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