The plane landing by the sea at “Mai Khao Beach”, Phuket

Many people will have seen the picture at “Mai Khao Beach”. Aircraft landing by the sea Which looks strange and beautiful But who knows that there is also a country in Thailand It is in Phuket. I myself have been to Phuket many times. Fly to this airport, count 10 times, I can’t get a picture like this. Because the plane goes down to the other side of the airport.

Takes us to take a picture of the plane landing by the sea at Mai Khao Beach, Phuket

Today I am free to write a recommendation to a friend who is going to Take a plane landing by the sea How to see When will the plane land on the beach? So as not to waste travel and waste time

For a brief information on how to take pictures Its position is at the head of Runway 09 of Phuket Airport (HKT) next to “Mai Khao Beach” . Will the plane land on this side or not depends on the wind. During winter, the plane will mostly land on this shore. But if the wind changes the machine, it will go down the other side instead.

To look at it, press on the plane that is about to land. And see which side of the course of the landing It’s that simple. An example of the picture above is the landing of the beach.

Show that when going down, it will go down on the other side. Like this, it means frustration. You don’t have to go, haha.

From the above map Is the path that must be walked It is far enough. Recommend that you buy drinking water with you. If someone has a car, they will walk less. Take the car to park on the beach and walk along the beach straight away.

When coming out from the airport, walk to the left. Walk on footpath along the path and keep walking.

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