4 Strange but Unique Beaches over cool

travel abroad Take them to explore strange beaches from different corners of the world. There are both Sai Kaew Beach, Black Sand Beach or Pink Beach, one of the interesting attractions that we bring to each other.

The sandy beach, the wind and the seashore all create a lot of enjoyment and relaxation for us. But when it comes to beaches, many people think that it has to be white or brown gazelles ufabet only. But it’s not always Because nature is like a deity that keeps conjuring differently. with its own uniqueness Today we have compiled 15 strange beaches from any corner of the world or any country to see.

4 Strange but Unique Beaches over cool

1. Thunder Cove, Prince Edward Island, Canada
          Picturesque beaches with surrounding meadows and fishermen’s farms. Plenty of mussels, oysters and lobster off the coast of Prince Edward Island. But it’s not an ordinary beach. Because more than half of the beaches are red because of the high iron content. Especially the Thunder Cove, which is unspeakably beautiful with sand dunes and rust-colored beaches.

2. Pfeiffer Beach Bixer Beach, Calif., USA

          The beautiful nature of Bigger County is what fascinates people across the Americas with this stretch of beach, especially Pfeiffer Beach in the center. Bigger’s because there are purple sandy beaches all over the beach Thanks to Manganese Garnet, this sandy beach is the most peculiar and pleasant to see.

3. Boulder Beach, Cape Town south africa

          There wouldn’t be a beach where we would see penguins waddling like on this beach. They can be seen from a viewpoint provided by Table Mountain National Park. The park is not allowed to approach penguins. Because it may use its sharp beak to bite your finger apart. And it’s not just the presence of penguins strolling on this beach that makes this beach unique. but also to be a quiet cove Suitable for resting as well.

4. Black Sand Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Hawaii, USA

          which is heavier than other sediments. leaving only black sand That’s why the beach is black. It’s a wonderful difference.

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