9 flower cafes in Bangkok At the sweet spot

Any sweet girl who likes hopping will know that there is nothing better than taking herself out to relax in a relaxing atmosphere amidst a nice café to fully refresh. Where to chill? We recommend 9 flower themed cafes in Bangkok. Allowing everyone to indulge in the beautiful atmosphere, posing, posing, and uploading to social media. But where will there be?

9 flower cafes in Bangkok That sweet line should not be missed!

Let’s start with The Blooming Gallery, a restaurant locate in a lifestyle, Although it is a small shop But the front is decorate to stand out from other stores. The atmosphere inside is filled with the beauty of various ornamental plants. Most importantly, every menu includes details of tea and flowers into the food.

Not going to check in, take some pictures It is really a miss for Thongyoy Cafe (Thongyoy Cafe) which decorated the beautiful shop Alangal with various flower scenes. It combines with a tone of Pink Gold that reflects femininity. Nature comes out perfectly For the dessert menu, the shop will focus on Thai desserts. There are many to choose from, each menu will taste sweet and soft the tongue. With a variety of drinks that invite us to experience the beautiful atmosphere Surrounded by flowers.

Arrive at Kor Ra Kang, a stylish floral themed cafe. Perfectly In addition, skilled baristas serve delicious drinks and delicious homemade desserts throughout the day.

As for the dessert menu, the shop are all made fresh every day. They also have good drinks. To be able to choose to sample many menus

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