Summer travel Korean style “Camping in Seoul”

3 Famous Camping in Seoul with good atmosphere in Seoul. Who is going to Korea this time should not miss it! For the tent that is located We can bring it ourselves and pay for entrance fees or camping rental fees. But if someone doesn’t have their own tent, they can rent it out. Which ranges from small tents for 2-3 people to tents (marquee) sizes. Can live in the tens of thousands Most of the rent is at 10,000-60,000 won per night depending on size.

Camp Nanji, or Nanji Camping Site

It  is one of the plans to restore the Han River. Which is the main river of Seoul It has been operating since August 2009 with an emphasis on eco-friendly atmosphere to attract tourists, not just Koreans. But to attract tourists from all over the world to camp here. And not just setting up a camping area But there are also special areas designed for extreme sports, such as stunt bikes, ufabet thai skateboards.

Capacity: 680 people
Opening times open all year.
Comfortable facilities, music fountain, baseball field, swimming pool by the river. Bike path Bicycle rentals, campgrounds, restaurants, public baths
Entrance fee 3,750 won
Travel Metro Line 6, World Cup Stadium Station, exit 1 and walk for about 20 minutes.


Camping Forest opened in 2010, in addition to having a camping area. The distinctive feature of Camp Jungnang is that there is a Culture Zone or cultural learning zone for young people. Whether it is a library Agricultural Learning Center Or a room for holding meetings

The number of campers can accommodate 47 houses or approximately 200 people.
Opening period May – October
Facilities Camping Barbecue Outdoor Spa Playground Fitness Center Swimming Pool
Free entrance fee
Traveling on the Jungang Line Get off at Yang Won Station. Take exit number 2 and walk for 5 minutes.

Natural Campsite in Seoul Grand Park

There has an area of ​​nearly 30,000 square meters, located at the foot of Cheongkae Mountain. Make the camping goers experience the most natural way. Like being in a green forest and flowing cool waterfalls It is also located near the National Museum of Contemporary Art. Or the Seoul Zoo That can walk to travel in just a few minutes.

Number of people that can accommodate 1,500 people
Opening period March – November
Facilities comfortable camping Volleyball. Basketball court, gymnasium, BBQ area
The entrance fee is 2,000 won.
Travel Metro Line 4 station at Grand Park off Exit 2 and walk for about 30 minutes.

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